7 books to read if you love The Great Gatsby

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What’s not to love about The Great Gatsby? You got socialites, music, drinking, lavish parties, love affairs, even murder! If Gatsby is a book you revisit frequently, and you find yourself often thinking of jazz age parties and what outfits you would wear while attending one of Jay Gatsby’s infamous West Egg parties, then you won’t be able to put down these 7 books to read if you love Gatsby. Do yourself a favor and figure out which book below you’ll be reading next!

Jazz - Toni Morrison

7 books to read if you love the great gatsby jazz by toni morrisson

The story of a triangle of passion, jealousy, murder, sex, redemption, liberation, and above all, being human. Much like the music of its title, it is a messy lyrical play as soaring and daring as the roaring 20s itself! 

This book takes place in Harlem in the 1920s after Joe, an African-American salesman, shoots his fickle young lover and his wife tries to disfigure the corpse at the funeral. The story then goes back to before this happens and reveals the secrets and pains of Joe and Violet’s past.

Why you will love it:

Similar to The Great Gatsby, this story focuses on love and loss during the jazz age. 

Gatsby’s Girl - Caroline Preston

7 books to read if you love the great gatsby gatsby's girl

Ever heard of Ginevra King? Well she was Mr. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s first love. She is born into a wealthy family, unlike Fitzgerald who she eventually leaves for a young man in her social set.  After she reads about Fitzgerald in the paper, she scours his work and, lo and behold, finds herself in many of his cold, shallow debutantes, most notably, you guessed it, Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby.

Why you’ll love it

This story follows the life of the woman who has influenced Fitzgerald’s infamous character Daisy in The Great Gatsby. 

The Sun Also Rises - Ernest Hemingway

One of the quintessential novels of the Lost Generation, this novel follows Jake Barnes and Lady Brett Ashley as they journey from the wild nightlife of the 1920s in Paris to the harsh bullfighting rings of Spain with a motley crew of expatriates. Moral bankruptcy, unrealized love, spiritual dissolution, what’s not to love? 

Why you’ll love it:

Similar to The Great Gatsby, this story is about socialites and their drinking and love interests.



The bobbed hair bandit

7 books to read if you love the great gatsby bobbed hair bandit

Flappers, sex, fur coats, fast cars, guns — and it’s all true! This true story follows Celia Cooney, a newly married waitress in Brooklyn who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant without the means to support a baby.  So she and her husband start holding up neighborhood drug stores.  This book analyzes the crime spree and the media frenzy that followed.  Anyone with a bobbed haircut was questioned, even reportedly Zelda Fitzgerald. A gripping account that reads like a detective serial, this is one book you will definitely not be able to put down!

Why you’ll love it:

Similar to The Great Gatsby, this book takes place in Jazz Age New York and is about a woman who wanted to live a life of the glamorous society. 

Vixen - Jillian Larkin

Jazz, booze, and boys in suits. Gloria wants the lifestyle — the bobbed hair, the cigarettes, the jazz-filled nights, and the sexy companions. The first of Jillian Larkin’s “Flappers” books plunges readers right into the thick of a 1920s party scene so debaucherous, even the Buchanans would be like, “Whoa.” 

Why you’ll love it:

VIXEN is the first novel in the sexy, dangerous, and ridiculously romantic series set in the Roaring Twenties . . . when anything goes. 

One Sunday Morning - Amy Ephron

7 books to read if you love the great gatsby one sunday morning

After attending a bridge party in Jazz Age New York, four women witness an acquaintance leaving the Waldorf hotel with another girl’s fiancé. Gasp! The gossip spreads fast around all of the speakeasy's in New York and the woman is snubbed by everyone in town.     

Contains all the romance of Gatsby’s New York , the novel is about upper class New York society during the Jazz age and contains affairs, love conflict, and many parties. 

Bobbed Hair and Bathtub Gin

Zelda Fitzgerald, Edna St. Vincent, Dorothy Parker, and Edna Ferber — Oh those madcap Jazz Age writers! Insults abound, gin flows, and the quips are unending as Marion Meade takes you on a boisterous romp through the 1920s.

We explore the private and public lives of these literary heroines as they drink, love, laugh, attempt suicide, feud, flee the country, pose for nude pictures, and oh yes, actually write their way through the decade.

Why you’ll love it:

Love affairs, abortion, depression, overdoses. Underneath the façade of talent and wit lay alcoholism, mental illness, and unrequited love, reminding you of a period that will forever intrigue and captivate you.


There you have it, 7 books you will love if you're a fan of Gatsby. Think we missed one or two? Let us know so we can add it! Share this post and magically get a cookie under your bed tonight. Go!


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