7 Books You Have To Read If You Love Pride and Prejudice

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Do you consider yourself an Austenite? Not if you haven’t read these 7 books to love if you love P&P. Love triangles, lavish outfits, coming of age - it’s all here. Did we miss one on this list? If so, tell us below!

The Female Quixote - Charlotte Lennox

books to read if you love pride and prejudice the female quixote
Loved by Jane Austen herself, this is a book that every Janeite must read. Austen modeled Northanger Abbey after this novel. In the novel, Arabella grows up with her father in a remote castle filled with french romance novels. After her father dies, she goes out into the world expecting her new life to hold as much drama and adventure as her favorite fictional heroines.
Why youll love it:
Cause Jane Austen loves it. If that’s not enough, I don’t know what is.

Evelina: Or the History of a Young Lady’s Entrance into the World - Frances Burney

In the novel, when Evelina Anville turns 17, her grandmother is ready to introduce her to polite society. Raised in rural isolation, she repeatedly finds herself in dangerous and embarassing situations, all while trying to figure out which of her suitors is worthy of her affections. Also, it’s hilarious.
Why you’ll love it:
Like many of Austen’s themes, the novel deals with a young woman who has to find a husband while walking a tightrope of rules and expectations

Keeping the Castle - Patrice Kindl

books to read if you love pride and prejudice keeping the castle
Althea needs to marry well if she wants to keep her mother and baby brother in their castle. Unfortunately, there’s a severe lack of suitors and two awful stepsisters who won’t help out the family in any way. Things aren’t going very well. Until Lord Boring shows up, rich and charming, this might be Althea’s dream suitor. Might. 
Why you’ll love it:
A smart heroine, a prickly love interest, plenty of interesting side characters, and lots of scheming!

Excellent Women - Barbara Pym

books to read if you love pride and prejudice excellent women
The novel follows Mildred Lathbury, a clergyman’s daughter and spinster in 1950s England. Mildred gets embroiled in the lives of her new neighbors, including the handsome Rocky, we see acute observations of human life and repressed desires.
Why you’ll love it:
Pym was an acute observer of female life, and her novels are full of tea, busybodies, and love. 
A room with a view - E.M. Forster
Lucy Honeychurch is wooed by two men. We follow her coming-of-age as she must choose between the two men and the values each represents. Also filled to the brim with side characters like the pompous Miss Lavish, the snooty Cecil and the finicky Charlotte. A tale of human struggles and the choice between social acceptance and true love.
Why you’ll love it
A young English middle-class girl vacationing in Italy and a love triangle. Just what a Janeite needs.

The pursuit of love - Nancy Mitford

books to read if you love pride and prejudice the pursuit of love
The Mitford sisters are fascinating in their own right. Few aristocratic English families enjoyed the glamorous notoriety of the infamous sisters. This novel satirizes british aristocracy in the twenties and thirties through the many lovers and adventures of the Radletts.
Why you’ll love it:
Sex, love affairs, divorces, and trying to find Mr. Right. Did we mention it’s also funny?

The Marriage Plot - Jeffrey Eugenides

Set in the 1980s, college kids are listening to Talking Heads and snorting Derrida. Madeleine Hanna, on the other hand, is working on her senior thesis. She’s writing on Jane Austen and George Eliot, emblematic of the English marriage plots of its day. In her real life a love triangle emerges in the form of Leonard and Mitchell. A highly erotic and intellectual relationship forms with Leonard, while Mitchell tries to convince her they’re destined to be together. It’s a spellbinding read covering many topics, and it’s a must read if you even think you’re well-read.
Why you’ll love it:
The great love stories of the 19th century are revived for the modern day with the realities of sexual freedom, feminism, prenups, and divorce. Piercing wit and affection for its characters, this story is so contemporary and fresh you will feel you’re reading a friend’s diary.


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